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Don't Touch that Dial: WESU 88.1 FM, A History

June 2015

"Don't Touch that Dial: WESU 88.1 FM, A History." Method Magazine print & digital, June 2015. Feature.

Pop Monster: Whoa Dakota & Athena @ the East Room

May 2018

"POP MONSTER: whoa dakota & athena @ the east room," Imperfect Fifth digital, May 2018. Music review.

Facewine Culture

October 2018

"Facewine Culture," Always Crashing digital, October 2018. Fiction.

art by Jake Diggity

Key Change

January 2021

"Key Change," The Maine Review digital, January 2021. Fiction.

art by Jake Diggity

I Hadn't Prepared Any Remarks

July 2021

"I Hadn't Prepared Any Remarks," AHOY Comics. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #3 print & digital, July 2021. Fiction. Illustrated by Peter Bagge.

art by Jake Diggity

Connecting People With Comics They Will Love – An Interview with Hanna Bahedry

July 2021

An interview with me conducted by Katie Liggera for Comic Book Yeti.